What Is Artificial Grass?
Artificial grass offers a realistic alternative to natural grass, crafted from durable synthetic materials that are built to last. It's designed to withstand various weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use.
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Astro Turf
Astro turf, initially developed in the 1960s and used in the Houston Astrodome, is a synthetic surface that mimics natural grass. Made from polyethylene or nylon fibers, it offers a durable, low-maintenance alternative ideal for sports fields, playgrounds, and residential areas.
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Welcome To Green Grass Store. Best Artificial Grass Supplier in Dubai!

At Green Grass Store, we offer innovative solutions in synthetic grass Dubai that showcase the combination of eco-friendly aesthetics and practical design for landscapes throughout the UAE.

Whether you need artificial grass installation services for your lawn, balcony, or floor, we provide the best quality product in the market.

Our company in Dubai has years of experience in the synthetic grass market and we’ve become a trusted supplier for artificial grass products in the United Arab Emirates.

With a wide range of artificial grass options, from astro turf to grass carpet, we ensure that you’ll find the best quality for your needs.

Our artificial grass installation services guarantee a high-quality finish, with proper drainage systems in place to withstand the weather conditions of the emirate.

Our New Arrivals

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Artificial Flower

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Artificial Plant

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Boxwood Hedge

Artificial Boxwood Hedge in Dubai


Our Team of Highly Experienced Professionals Will Take Care of Every Detail, So You Can Relax and Feel at Ease.

Budget Planning

We Will Install Your Landscape or Flooring At A Low Price And In An Environmentally Sound Manner After Measuring The Area That Must Be Carpeted Or Floored.


We’re Committed to Delivering The Best, Aiming to Exceed Your Expectations and Make Your Space Truly Spectacular!

Why Choose Green Grass Store®

Benefits of Purchasing Artificial Turf Dubai from us

We would be delighted to answer your question! Unlike other brands, we're unique because we guarantee luxurious, sustainable artificial grass that provides maximum pleasure. We have listed just some of the numerous reasons. That will help you understand why you should purchase your artificial grasses from the Green Grass Store instead of any other supplier. Here’s our list:

Artificial Grass Dubai
wall artificial grass

You Can Use the Best Artificial Grass in Dubai for

Artificial Grass for Events

Event Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass for Events & Exhibition

school artificial grass

School Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass for Schools & Nurseries

Municipal Artificial Grass Dubai

Municipal Artificial Grass

Best Municipal Artificial Grass Carpet

Garden Artificial Grass

Garden Artificial Grass

Artificial Garden Grass Provider in Dubai

Sports Artificial Grass Dubai

Sports Grounds

Artificial Sports Turf & Grass Installation & Supplier

Other Artificial Grass Products in Dubai

As Dubai continues to embrace the future of urban aesthetics, it’s clear that the incorporation of the best artificial grass into landscape design has become a significant trend.

It is undeniable that artificial grass for landscaping has transformed how spaces interact with the natural environment. In Dubai’s quest for modernism merged with tradition, the adoption of outdoor artificial grass is just another stride towards future-proofing its cityscape.

We have been providing service in Dubai’s synthetic grass market for many years. Our headquarter is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. We are Dubai’s number one grass shop.

We ranked ourselves based on our extensive experience gained throughout several years in the synthetic grass showcase, both in Dubai and throughout the UAE. We provide the best artificial grass Dubai, offering professional installation at a reasonable price.

Many green grass suppliers company in Dubai are available since Dubai has become a global hub for all types of suppliers worldwide. As one of these suppliers, we offer the highest quality lush green grass at various price points.

We’re committed to promoting green initiatives within the UAE, which is why our fake grass Dubai offerings are designed to not only enhance the visual appeal of landscapes but also contribute positively to the environment. By reducing the need for irrigation and chemical treatments, our artificial grass options pave the way for eco-conscious design that aligns with Dubai’s green vision for the future.

As a result, if you decide to buy synthetic Grass, you must consider where to buy the best cheap fake Grass Dubai.

Green Grass Store is Dubai’s one of the leading suppliers both wholesale and retail, also installers of Grass.

Our Astroturf is popular in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

Natural Grass Suppliers in Dubai

Does Artificial Grass Dubai Cost High?

The cost of installing artificial turf can vary depending on the size of the area and the type of turf you choose. In general, green turf is more affordable than natural grass, and it requires less maintenance over time.

Our best artificial turf dubai price for installation can range from AED 60 to AED 150 per square meter. The exact cost will depend on the size of the area, the type of turf you choose, and any additional services required, such as site preparation or removal of existing grass.

Typically, higher face weighted or thick artificial grass will cost you more. Smaller synthetic grass rugs often cost more per square foot than larger grass rolls.

Installation Price of fake grass According to the international market, If you want to hire someone to install your artificial grass, contact us for valuable suggestions without any costs!

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Saffian SaifSaffian Saif
21:10 15 Oct 23
Good prices
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08:18 07 Aug 23
Muneer AbdulMuneer Abdul
15:55 27 Jul 23
It's good.
Your green wall is very good. 100% UV.
Robiul HassanRobiul Hassan
21:15 18 Jul 23
So fast delivery and product quality 😍 😍.Price also good.
Abdullah Al MomenAbdullah Al Momen
12:38 01 Jul 23
The best wholesaler' in UAE.all products good and delivery also fast.

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