31 Stunning Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas in 2024

Artificial Grass and Pavers Ideas

Are you thinking of giving your outdoor space a makeover with artificial grass? Well, you’re in luck because it’s become a total game-changer for homeowners in Dubai as well as the whole new world.

Natural grass can be a real pain to maintain, especially during the rainy seasons. But with artificial grass, you can have the perfect lawn without any of the hassle. It’s like having a lush, green carpet in your backyard that requires zero maintenance!

Artificial grass provides a lush green hue throughout the year, requiring almost no maintenance, while pavers offer design flexibility and durability. 

Moreover, artificial grass and pavers, when skillfully combined, can elevate your backyard to new heights of elegance and functionality. If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space, here are 20 ingenious ideas that seamlessly blend the beauty of artificial grass with the versatility of pavers from the best artificial grass supplier company in Dubai.

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Stunning Artificial Grass and Pavers Design in 2024:

Unleash your inner landscape architect with these creative ways to combine artificial grass and pavers:

Modern Marvels Pavers and Artificial Grass Ideas


1. Geometric Playground


Geometric Playground

Combine sleek concrete pavers in contrasting shades to create a geometric pattern that complements your modern home. Fill the spaces with low-pile artificial grass for a clean, contemporary look.

2.  Infinity Pool Oasis

Infinity Pool Oasis

Frame your infinity pool with charcoal-colored pavers, letting the artificial grass spill over the edge like a lush green carpet. Add pops of color with vibrant planters or furniture.

3. Fire Pit Feature

Fire Pit Feature

Create a cozy fire pit area by outlining it with rustic stone pavers and filling the center with warm-toned artificial grass. Add comfy seating and string lights for an inviting ambiance.

Functional Fusion of Paver and Artificial Grass


4. Hidden Storage

Hidden Storage

Build hidden storage compartments under paver-lined decks or raised planters filled with fake grass. This maximizes space and keeps outdoor essentials organized.

5. Fire and Ice Fusion

Fire Pit Fusion

Frame your fire pit with contrasting pavers to create a safe and stylish gathering space. Use artificial turf around the perimeter for a low-maintenance fire zone.

6. Green Game Zone

Green Game Zone

Design a dedicated mini golf course or putting green with winding paver paths leading to custom-shaped artificial grass “greens.” Add obstacles and water features for a challenging and fun backyard activity.

Rustic Charm with combining Pavers and Artificial Grass 


7. Putting Green with Garden

Putting Green with Garden

Install fake grass in your garden and putting green together, play mini golf there with eco-friendly environment.

8. Artificial Grass with Stepping Stones

Artificial Grass with Stepping Stones

Create a whimsical pathway through your garden with pavers arranged as stepping stones amidst a sea of lush artificial grass. Plant decorative grasses and flowers around the stones for added texture and color. This combination not only adds visual appeal but also creates a practical route through your space.

9. Vineyard Retreat

Tuscan vineyard by paving a patio
Photo Credit: Angelus Paving Stones

Channel a Tuscan vineyard by paving a patio with terracotta pavers and installing olive trees amidst low-maintenance artificial grass. Add grapevines and string lights for a touch of Italian charm.

10. Hidden Pond Nook

Hidden Pond

Tuck a small pond away in a corner of your yard, surrounded by natural stone pavers and edged with feathery ornamental fake grasses. This creates a secluded sanctuary for wildlife and relaxation.

Family Fun Zones Artificial Grass with Paving 


11. Playful Puzzle

play area for kids

Design a dedicated play area for kids with brightly colored pavers creating hopscotch or tic-tac-toe grids. Fill the rest with playful, springy astro turf for safe and fun playtime. Use brightly colored pavers to create hopscotch grids or animal shapes, filling the spaces with springy, high-pile artificial grass for safe and enjoyable playtime. This will be a haven for laughter and creativity.

12. Chess Board

Chess Board

Do you like chess and artigrass both? Here is your solution!

13. Ludo Board

Ludo Board

It is not impossible to turn your indoor into a beautiful Ludo Board!

14. Movie Night Time

Movie Night Time

Elevate your movie nights with a built-in projector screen framed by dark charcoal pavers. Install comfy loungers on a bed of soft artificial grass for a luxurious outdoor cinema experience.

15. In your Food Party

Food Party Artificial Grass Ideas

Build a oven on a rustic stone paver patio surrounded by low-maintenance fake grass. Add a dining table and string lights for memorable food parties under the stars.

16. Glow-in-the-Dark Galaxy


Create a whimsical nighttime haven with pavers painted to resemble planets and constellations. Fill the spaces with artificial grass infused with glow-in-the-dark fibers for a magical starry sky effect.

17. Culinary Haven: Paver Outdoor Kitchen with Turf Borders

Outdoor Kitchen with Turf Borders

Elevate your outdoor cooking experience by designing a kitchen surrounded by pavers, with artificial grass borders for a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing contrast.

Artificial Grass and Paving Ideas Beyond the Backyard 


18. Urban sky lounge

Urban Sky Lounge

Transform your rooftop into a secluded haven with dark grey slate pavers creating a sleek patio area. Fill the remaining space with a plush, high-pile artificial grass that feels like a verdant urban oasis. Add comfy seating and fairy lights for rooftop stargazing.

19. Vertical Oasis

Vertical Oasis Ideas

Elevate your exterior walls with vertical gardens built on paver frames. Interweave artificial grass with real or faux plants for a low-maintenance yet visually stunning facade.

20. Urban Sanctuary

balcony landscaping

Break up the monotony of city life with balcony landscaping. Use pavers to create planters or seating areas filled with artificial grass and potted plants for a mini urban oasis.

Dubai Special: Articulating Your Future


21. Majilis Mania

traditional majlis seating area

Create a traditional majlis seating area with intricately patterned pavers outlining a central circle filled with soft, sand-toned artificial turf. Add plush cushions, lanterns, and low tables for an inviting haven under the desert stars.

22. Water Feature Fusion


Water Feature Fusion

sleek water feature made of dark stone pavers

Combine the calming sounds of water with the vibrant green of artificial grass and plants. Integrate a sleek water feature made of dark stone pavers amidst the artificial grass, creating a tranquil oasis in the Dubai heat.

23. Treetop Terrace

rooftop terrace

Elevate your relaxation experience with a rooftop terrace featuring wooden decking pavers surrounded by a plush carpet of astro turf. Add cozy seating and string lights for a magical sky lounge vibe.

24. Sunken Seating

Sunken Seating

A sunken lounge is the perfect space to create a cosy and intimate conversation area with comfortable seating scattered with cushions enhancing family togetherness. Create a cool and inviting sunken lounge area using dark-colored pavers to form a recessed pit. Fill it with plush fake grass and plush cushions for a luxurious escape from the heat.

25. Mashrabiya Marvels

Mashrabiya Marvels

Design a shaded haven with a pergola crafted in the intricate mashrabiya style, traditionally used for privacy and ventilation. Let climbing vines like jasmine or bougainvillea drape over the latticework, providing shade and fragrance. Fill the space beneath with soft, sand-toned artificial grass for a cool and inviting seating area.

26. Luxury Landing

Luxury helipad landing

Elevate your property value and impress guests with a helipad and adjoining patio paved with luxurious stone tiles. Fill the surrounding area with plush artificial grass for a touch of greenery and added safety. Add contemporary outdoor furniture for a stylish and functional arrival point.

27. VIP Arrival Lounge

VIP arrival

Combine your paragola and helipad into a multi-functional space. Pave the upper level for the helipad and install comfortable seating and loungers on the lower level under the paragola. Fill the rest with artificial grass for a stargazing haven under the open sky.

28. Al Fresco Dining

Al Fresco Dining

Elevate your outdoor dining with a pergola covering your dining table. Pave the floor with sleek grey pavers and fill the surrounding area with artificial grass for a luxurious al fresco experience. Add hanging lanterns and soft lighting for a touch of ambiance.

29. Souq-Inspired Shopping Lane

Souq-Inspired Shopping Lane

Transform a pathway into a bustling souq-inspired shopping lane. Line the sides with small shops or stalls constructed using traditional wood and brick, offering local art, spices, or handicrafts. Pave the walkway with intricate mosaic patterns and fill the borders with low-growing ornamental grasses for a touch of desert charm.

30. Dhow Deck Charm

Dhow Deck Charm

Capture the essence of Dubai’s maritime heritage with a waterfront lounge reminiscent of a traditional dhow. Use wooden decking or light-colored pavers to create a spacious area, and fill the perimeter with low-maintenance artificial grass for a touch of greenery. Add nautical-themed decor, comfortable seating, and shisha pipes for a relaxed ambiance.

31. Open-Air Kitchen

Open-Air Kitchen


Build an open-air kitchen using traditional mudbrick walls and paver flooring. Install a tandoor oven or barbecue grill for authentic cooking experiences. Surround the kitchen with artificial grass for a functional and visually appealing space.

Finally, don’t be afraid to mix and match elements, play with different textures and colors, and let your imagination run wild to create an outdoor space that’s uniquely yours.

Here are some additional tips for using artificial grass and pavers in Dubai:

  • Choose heat-resistant artificial grass: Opt for high-quality artificial grass specifically designed for hot climates, as it will be more durable and resist fading.
  • Consider drainage: Ensure proper drainage for your paver areas to prevent waterlogging, especially during heavy rainfall.
  • Embrace local materials: Incorporate natural stone pavers or tiles with traditional patterns for a touch of Middle Eastern flair.
  • Add shade and lighting: Use pergolas, umbrellas, or strategically placed lights to create comfortable and inviting outdoor spaces.

Pro Tip for dubai:

  • Heat-resistant materials: Opt for heat-resistant pavers and artificial grass varieties specifically designed for Dubai’s climate.
  • Shade and cooling: Incorporate pergolas, shade sails, and misters for added comfort during the hot days.
  • Local plants: Add desert-adapted plants like bougainvillea, jasmine, and succulents for a touch of local flair.
  • Lighting: Use warm, inviting lighting like lanterns and fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere in the evenings.

Artificial Grass and Paving Installation Process

To lay paving on grass, start by preparing the area, clearing debris, and leveling the ground. Excavate to the required depth and add a stable base layer of crushed stone or sand, ensuring thorough compaction. Install edging for containment and lay permeable landscape fabric to control weeds. Spread a layer of coarse sand, level it, and begin placing the pavers in your desired pattern, securing them with a rubber mallet. Fill the joints with sand or jointing compound and compact the entire area with a plate compactor for stability. Finish by sweeping sand over the joints. Adhering to manufacturer guidelines and considering drainage is crucial for a successful paving installation on grass. A Step-by-step guide mentioned in this article on how to install artificial grass.

Maintain Your Paver and Artificial Grass

Maintaining your artificial grass and pavers for landscaping is the final step. To maintain the turf’s upright fibers, it must be brushed on a regular basis, debris like leaves must be removed, and the surface must be cleaned with a power washer sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I lay artificial grass on paving?
    • Yes, you can lay artificial grass on paving. Ensure that the paving surface is smooth, clean, and well-prepared. It’s essential to have a stable and even base to achieve the best results. Consider using a weed membrane beneath the artificial grass to prevent weed growth.
  2. Can you put artificial grass between pavers?
    • Yes, you can install artificial grass between pavers to create a unique and green pathway or patio. Make sure the pavers are properly installed and level. You may need to use adhesive or fixings to secure the artificial grass in place. This can be a creative way to blend natural and artificial elements in your outdoor space.
  3. What is best to lay under artificial grass?
    • The best material to lay under artificial grass is a combination of a well-compacted base and an effective drainage system. Typically, a layer of crushed stone or sharp sand is used as a base, providing stability. Additionally, incorporating a geotextile membrane helps with weed prevention. Proper drainage is crucial, so consider adding a layer of permeable material to ensure water can drain effectively.
  4. Is paver base good for artificial grass?
    • Yes, a paver base can be suitable for artificial grass installations. A well-prepared and compacted paver base provides a stable foundation for the artificial grass to rest on. It helps ensure a level surface and proper drainage. It’s important to follow the recommended installation guidelines for both the paver base and artificial grass to achieve optimal results.
  5. What are the benefits of paving?
    • Paving provides multifaceted benefits in landscaping and outdoor design. It elevates aesthetics by imparting a polished and organized appearance to outdoor spaces. Additionally, it offers increased functionality, creating versatile areas for activities, and stands out for its durability and low-maintenance qualities, owing to the quality materials like concrete or stone pavers. The versatility of paving, available in diverse styles, colors, and patterns, enables creative and customizable designs tailored to individual preferences.

Whew! We’ve traversed a desert oasis, soared on a rooftop retreat, and even landed on a helipad – all in the name of crafting your dream outdoor space with artificial grass and pavers. Remember, the key is to embrace your creativity and let your vision take flight.

Whether you choose to channel the lush serenity of a hidden courtyard, the modern elegance of geometric patterns, or the playful energy of a desert playground, your artificial oasis can be a reflection of your unique style and Dubai’s vibrant culture.

Now, go forth and create your outdoor paradise! Let the lush artificial grass carpet your dreams, the pavers pave your path to relaxation, and the pergolas shade your moments of joy. May your Dubai oasis be a haven of beauty, functionality, and endless possibilities.

At Green Grass Store, we’ve been installing beautiful artificial grass and pavers since 2015. Our flawless commercial and residential landscapes have made us the go-to synthetic grass installers in Dubai, UAE. For more information about our products and services, contact us online or give us a call at +971 56 8787 981 today!

Happy landscaping!



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