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Get an Evergreen View with Artificial Grass Carpet

The Green Grass Store is one of the best grass suppliers in Dubai and the UAE. We offer a wide range of turf grass carpets that are safe for children and pets. Our artificial grass carpet is made from durable polyethylene, nylon, or other polypropylene fibers. You can use it indoors on your floor, which is child-friendly, pet-friendly, durable, soft, and evergreen. It adds extra beauty to your home. Green Grass Store provides artificial grass carpet with proper installation service.

Green grass store has a wide range of grass carpet for you to choose from that will surely suit your needs and budget. We also offer grass carpet installation services to ensure you the long term service from your carpet. Contact us now and get the best deals on artificial grass carpets in Dubai!

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Benefits of Artificial Grass Carpet!

Made of safe materials: Unlike regular carpets made of harmful toxins and chemicals, artificial grass carpet is made of safe materials that are not harmful to your health. It is easy to clean- Green Grass Carpet is easy to clean because it does not absorb stains and dirt. You can just vacuum it or use a damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains.

Durable: Green Grass Carpet is made of high-quality synthetic grass that is designed to last for years.  It is low maintenance- Green Grass Carpet does not require regular cleaning and maintenance. You can just vacuum it occasionally to keep it clean.

Safe for children and pets: Green Grass Carpet is safe for children and pets because it does not have the same harmful toxins found in regular carpets.

If you are looking for an attractive and low-maintenance alternative to traditional carpet, consider Green Grass Carpet. It is an attractive and durable option that is also safe for children and pets.

Our Recent Artificial Grass Carpet Work

Artificial-Grass carpet for wall
Artificial-Grass carpet for floor
Artificial-Grass carpet for floor
Multicolor carpet collection

We have a Unique Collection of PVC Coil Mat.

Nowadays, PVC coil mat is a popular synthetic turf. Almost every room of a house needs the product. Considering our customer’s service benefits, we also have a great collection of PVC coil mats. The PVC coil mat is a polyvinyl chloride resin carpet. Filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant, and other accessories are added to polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the primary raw material. It is created using consistent mixing, coating or pressing, and kneading technologies on a brittle linked base material. It can be used to replace both pure wool and chemical fiber carpets.


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