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Our customizable, non-toxic turf is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial pool areas and on ground above pools.

The composition of synthetic grass, coupled with meticulous installation techniques, ensures superior shock absorption, providing a comfortable surface for relaxation by the pool.

Moreover, our synthetic grass mirrors the appearance of natural grass, creating a lifelike and inviting atmosphere around your pool.

If you are seeking a low-maintenance, pool-friendly landscaping solution, put your trust in Green Grass Store.

Our high-quality products and skilled installers are here to turn your pool area into a hassle-free, visually appealing space for relaxation and enjoyment.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass Around Pool

Pros of Artificial Grass Around Pool
  • No watering, mowing, or fertilizing.
  • Handles heavy foot traffic and resists wear.
  • Excellent drainage prevents puddles and keeps area cool.
  • Soft surface reduces slip risk.
  • Lush and green all year round, enhances pool area aesthetics.
  • Higher upfront cost than natural grass.
  • Reduces water usage and maintenance chemicals.
Cons of Artificial Grass Around Pool
  • Occasional cleaning and infill top-up.
  • Can fade in intense sun, especially darker colors.
  • May require additional drainage system for large pools.
  • ️Can get hot in direct sunlight, especially dark colors.
  • Can look artificial, especially compared to high-quality real grass.
  • Saves money in the long run due to low maintenance.
  • Requires production and disposal of synthetic materials.
Bonus Tip: Choose light-colored, UV-protected turf for Dubai's climate!

Benefits Of Artificial Grass for Pool Surrounds

artificial grass for swimming pools

Types of Pool to Cover with Artificial Grass

There are two types of synthetic grass pool surface. 

In Ground Pool

Synthetic grass is a popular choice for in ground pools in Dubai. 

artificial grass around above ground pool

Above Ground Pool

Around ground above pool is another choice for fake grass lovers.

artificial grass around above ground pool

What to Consider Before
Decking Artificial Grass Pool
in or above ground?

For In Ground Pools

Pile Height

 Opt for a mid-range pile height (15-25mm) for a balance of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. Higher piles (25mm+) might trap moisture near the pool edge, while shorter ones could feel scratchy.

Drainage and Backing

Consider additional drainage systems, like french drains or gravel layers, for larger pools or areas with poor natural drainage.

UV Resistance

Dubai’s intense sun can fade and damage artificial turf. Choose UV-protected turf to maintain its vibrant color and longevity. Opt for light-colored turf to help reflect heat and keep the poolside cooler.

Specific Considerations

Ensure seamless transitions between turf and pool edging. Choose turf edges specifically designed for pool installations.

For Above Ground Pools

Pile Height

Prioritize lower pile heights (10-15mm) for easy placement around the pool walls and optimal drainage. Remember, you can have different pile heights for surrounding areas if you desire a transition zone.

Drainage and Backing

Choose artificial grass with a perforated or permeable backing to ensure efficient water drainage. This prevents puddles and stagnant areas, especially important near the pool edges.

UV Resistance

Dubai’s intense sun can fade and damage artificial turf. Choose UV-protected turf to maintain its vibrant color and longevity. Opt for light-colored turf to help reflect heat and keep the poolside cooler.

Specific Considerations

Ensure your chosen turf height allows for easy placement around the pool walls without creating awkward gaps.

Artificial Synthetic Grass for Pool Surrounds

artificial synthetic grass for pool surrounds
artificial grass around above ground pool
artificial grass around above ground pool
Looking for Above Ground Pool Installation process with Artificial Grass? 

Here is a fantastic process by returf on how to install above ground pool installation.

How to take care of your Pool Surface?

If you own a pool in Dubai, you know that the hot and arid climate can take a toll on your poolside landscaping. Fortunately, artificial grass offers a durable and long-lasting solution that is perfect for the Dubai climate. Synthetic turf for pool areas is specifically designed to withstand the extreme heat and strong sunlight, ensuring that your poolside remains lush and green all year round.


Regularly sweep away debris such as leaves or pet droppings with a stiff brush or broom. You may also want to use a leaf blower if needed. Additionally, using a garden hose periodically to rinse off dirt and dust will help keep your artificial turf looking clean and fresh.


Periodically spraying your synthetic grass with diluted bleach or disinfectant is important for keeping it hygienic. Make sure to rinse the grass thoroughly after disinfecting it, and do not allow any excess bleach or disinfectant to remain on the turf.


If weeds start appearing in your astro turf, you can use an herbicide spray to get rid of them. However, make sure that you follow all instructions carefully when using any kind of chemical product on your turf.


Small repairs such as patching up small holes or tears can be done with a repair kit specifically made for astro green turf. Alternatively, if the damage is extensive, you may need to replace certain sections of the grass altogether.

Sunlight Protection

The sun’s UV rays can cause discoloration of astro turf over time. To prevent this, you can use protective sprays or covers to reduce the impact of direct sunlight on your grass. Taking proper care of your green turf will help ensure that it lasts for many years and looks great all year round. Make sure to follow these tips when caring for your best turf in Dubai!

Why Choose Green Grass Store
for Best Astro Turf Dubai?

At Green Grass Store, we understand that artificial grass can be a great addition to any outdoor space. That’s why we offer the best quality astro turf in Dubai for all your landscaping needs. Our artificial grass is designed to last for years with minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the look and feel of natural grass without the hassle of dealing with mud and watering.

With our top-of-the-line products, you can create beautiful landscapes that are perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying your own private oasis. We make sure our products are made from high-quality materials, so they won’t fade over time or crack under harsh weather conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a complete lawn overhaul or just want to spruce up an existing landscape, Green Grass Store has the perfect solution for you. So don’t wait any longer, pick up your green turf today and start enjoying the benefits of a beautiful outdoor space. With Green Grass Store, you can have the best astro turf Dubai has to offer! Call +971 56 8787 981 now!


No, pool water typically does not damage artificial turf. Quality artificial turf is designed to withstand exposure to water, including chlorinated pool water. Proper installation, good drainage, and rinsing off chlorine residue can ensure the longevity and resilience of artificial turf around pool areas.

Both artificial grass and pavers have their advantages around a pool. Artificial grass provides a softer and more comfortable surface, is slip-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. Pavers offer a durable and heat-resistant option, providing a stable surface and a variety of design choices. The choice between the two depends on personal preferences, desired aesthetics, and the specific requirements of the pool area.

Natural grass around a pool is not the most practical choice. It can lead to issues such as muddy patches, increased maintenance, and challenges with water drainage, making alternative options like artificial turf or hardscaping more suitable for poolside areas. It provides a low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing surface that is resistant to water and chlorine exposure, creating a comfortable and visually appealing poolside area.

Around a pool, it’s advisable to use artificial turf specifically designed for outdoor use, with good drainage capabilities to prevent water pooling. Opt for UV-resistant turf to withstand sun exposure, and choose a variety that complements your landscape preferences.

The cheapest base for an above-ground pool is usually a sand base. Sand provides a level surface, helps with drainage, and is cost-effective compared to alternatives like gravel or concrete.

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