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Our Professional Artificial Grass Maintenance Service

Artificial grass maintenance and Care of your fake grass are our premier services. We have installation  and artificial grass maintenance services over the years. We support thousands of our customers in Dubai and install new grass every day.

You have to properly maintain your turf to get the most out of the significant initial investment made when building an artificial grass surface. To get the most out of their residency, we urge our customers to draw into our wealth of expertise and experience.

Regular maintenance can help to extend the life of the surface and, as a result, increase the return on investment.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance
& Cleaning Your Turf.

Enjoy Best Outcome by Proper Maintenance

Artificial Grass Maintenance Service Dubai

Why is Professional Maintenance Important?

Green Grass Store Dubai is a trusted provider of high-quality artificial grass products in Dubai. In addition to offering a wide range of artificial grass products, they also provide a safe and cost-effective delivery service to ensure that their customers receive their orders on time and in perfect condition.

Your turf requires Professional care to assure a synthetic surface’s longevity, safety, and consistent play attributes. We provide both product performance and product installation warranties with professional care.

This is something that we frequently neglect. We can extend the life of your playing field (by at least 30%) and assure its performance and safety with our professional maintenance programs.

Correct maintenance practices can increase the life of artificial grass by more than 30% while also ensuring safe and consistent use. Improper maintenance will result in costly rejuvenation charges within one to two years, and also improper maintenance will result in expensive rejuvenation charges.

On the other hand, maintenance practices that are not adequate will significantly negatively impact a significant negative impact performance and safety. Due to the abrasive nature of artificial infill substances, all synthetic grass fibers disintegrate over time, necessitating professional upkeep.


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Maintain Your Artificial Grass by Yourself!

Please remember that some of the downsides do not apply to all types of artificial grass but rather to low-quality goods that you should avoid. You may prevent these problems by using well-made and long-lasting materials, and wandering around your residency will be a pleasure.

Water buildup on the surface may be the sole issue, although this is dependent mainly on the installation method. The problem might develop if you do anything incorrectly. How do you maintain synthetic grass on your lawn?

Remember, artificial grass maintenance is incredibly simple and does not require much maintenance. It would help if you cleaned it regularly, which you can accomplish with a vacuum cleaner.

If the gadget is not intended to clean moist filth, you can remove it using a damp cloth or wash it with water.

Firstly, brush the fake grass frequently if you want it to appear excellent for at least two seasons. In this manner, you may naturally straighten the fibers that have been crushed when walking on the surface.

You can achieve an exquisite surface finish by laying artificial turf throughout the residential area. Secondly, the most frequent approach is to cover the entire area with fake grass stuff.

A decent arrangement of the material is critical in this situation. You can get a pleasing look this way.

Thirdly, if you cover your lawn completely with artificial grass, try adding furniture or decorations at the seams to conceal them.

Finally, we may hope that our collection of ideas will inspire you to turn your drab balcony or roof garden into a welcoming outdoor place ideal for resting or entertaining friends and family.

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