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How to Lay Artificial Grass on Decking

Laying Artificial Grass on Decking

Guide to Laying Artificial Grass on Decking

Gone are the days of tirelessly mowing, watering, and fertilizing natural lawns. The introduction of artificial grass has revolutionized outdoor landscaping, providing an evergreen solution that’s both eco-friendly and easy on the eyes.

Here is a comprehensive solution for you on laying artificial turf on decking. 

Why Lay Artificial Grass on Decking?

Decking, in itself, offers a beautiful extension to your living space. Couple that with artificial grass, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.
  • Boosting Aesthetics and Functionality
  • Sustainability and Water Conservation
  • Safety and Comfort Aspects

The Fundamentals of Decking in Dubai

Before you jump into the installation, it’s crucial to understand your solid base – the decking.

Different Types of Decking

From classic wood to modern composites, the choice of decking materials is vast. Each type has its unique characteristics and suitability for artificial grass installation.

Pros and Cons of Decking Types

Wood might offer a rustic charm but can be high maintenance. On the flip side, composites may be more durable but can come with a heftier price tag.


Laying Artificial Grass on Decking
Laying Artificial Grass on Decking

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Now, for the most awaited section – the actual laying of artificial grass on decking.

1. Assessing and Prepping the Decking

Start by inspecting your decking for any repairs. Ensure that it’s clean, dry, and free from any algae or moss.

2. Selecting the Right Synthetic Grass

Type Opt for UV-resistant and high-density grass. The weight and quality will play a pivotal role in how it settles on the decking.

3. Laying Down the Protective Underlay

A protective underlay shields against wear and tear while offering added cushioning. Spread it evenly, ensuring no bubbles or folds.

4. Attaching and Securing the Grass

Unroll the grass on top of the underlay, trim the edges, and secure using adhesive or tacks.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not Testing the Grass for UV Stability
    • UV rays can fade your grass. Always opt for UV-tested varieties.
  • Overlooking Drainage
    • Water-logging can damage both the grass and decking. Ensure proper drainage channels or drill holes if necessary.
  • Skimping on Quality Materials
    • Invest in quality. It might seem pricier initially, but it pays off in durability and appearance.

Laying Artificial Grass on Decking Dubai: Real-Life Experiences

I remember laying synthetic turf on my old, worn-out decking. The transformation was nothing short of magical. Not only did it enhance my outdoor space, but it also became the kids’ favorite spot!

The Financial Side: Costs and ROI

While the initial outlay might seem hefty, the returns, both in terms of aesthetics and property value, are impressive.

Upfront Costs Vs. Long-Term Savings

You might spend more upfront, but the savings in water bills and decking maintenance quickly make up for it.

Enhancing Property Value

A well-maintained outdoor space can add significant value to your property. It’s an investment that pays dividends when you decide to sell.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Artificial grass decking isn’t just about looks. It also plays a role in environmental conservation.

Recyclability and Biodegradability

Many modern fake turfs are recyclable. This means, once they’ve served their purpose, they can be repurposed, reducing landfill waste.

Energy Conservation

Did you know? Producing fake turf consumes less energy than maintaining natural grass over the same lifespan.
You can watch this video guide to install.

From pile heights to blade shapes, we’re here to help you understand all you need to know for a successful artificial turf installation. Landscaping renovations are a big undertaking – working with the professionals at Green Grass Store makes them a breeze. From residential to commercial projects, we’re all about transforming Dubai and beyond with flawless synthetic turf installations.Give us a call today at +971 56 8787 981, or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

Hopefully, reading this article will help you to get the proper idea of how to put artificial grass on the sand. Want to see our installation work?

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