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What is Artificial Grass? Know the Basic

Artificial grass is generally a kind of synthetic grass alternative to natural grass. Artificial grass is made from durable polyethylene, nylon, or other polypropylene things. Most Artificial Grass is built to counteract the outdoor components. Artificial grass is also heat-resistant, frost-resistant, and won’t fade in sunshine.

While famous for backyard and sports fields, Artificial Grass is way more versatile than natural grass! You can use the grass as flooring in playgrounds, pet daycares, gym grounds, and even many home decorations. Artificial grass comes in tiles and rugs.


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How is Artificial Green Grass Made?

Have you ever thought about how simple plastic becomes your beautiful lawn? Manufacturers are coming up with newer and better materials all the time. It starts with white plastic pellets that act as the raw material, which combines with green shells that hold the colors, U.V. stabilizers, and additives. Artificial Green Grass is also made from nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. 

This extensive video featured on the Discovery Channel’s hit show “How it’s Made” takes you through each step of the artificial green Grass making process as well:

“How it’s made” Artificial Green Grass