How to Show Your Artificial Lawn Some Love for New Year 2024

Artificial Lawn Love

It’s that time of the year again as we welcome the New Year, a season filled with positivity and fresh beginnings.

While we often associate special occasions with expressions of love, this time, let’s shift our focus an important issue – caring for your artificial grass installation.

Your turf, already a cherished upgrade, deserves some attention, and in 2024, let’s explore ways to show it some well-deserved love.

Pet Turf Owners

For those who share their homes with furry friends, your turf goes above and beyond for them. It handles liquid drainage and withstands paw traffic during playful moments.

Beyond the usual weekly rinse, consider pampering your artificial lawn with Turf Fresh. This organic pet product eliminates urine smells and dog odors effectively. The active bacteria in its formula create a fresh and sanitary environment in your yard.

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Artificial Turf Cleaner Pet Odor Eliminator
Artificial Turf Cleaner Pet Odor Eliminator


Turf Fresh is highly concentrated, biodegradable, and, most importantly, safe for your pets. This New Year, make a loving switch in your routine with this powerful addition. In Dubai, you can purchase it for 332 AED only

Tree Lovers

If seasonal trees surround your yard, you might notice leaves and debris settling on your turf.

While not harmful, giving your artificial grass a clean slate enhances its aesthetic appeal.

A simple rake or a leaf blower can effortlessly remove these elements, maintaining the pristine look you enjoyed when it was first installed. Your turf will thank you for going the extra mile.

Typical Homeowners 

Perhaps you give your turf the occasional rinse, but if you’ve been procrastinating lately, now’s the time to show it some attention.

Regularly spraying down your artificial grass with a hose helps remove dust and dirt brought in by the elements. Surprisingly, it also aids in redistributing the infill.

It might not be an extravagant New Year’s gift for your turf, but the extra effort goes a long way.

High Traffic Property Owners

If your turf is showing signs of wear due to heavy use, fear not. Many of our turf products are designed with a signature blade shape to ensure resilience under typical foot traffic.

However, for this special occasion, consider giving your grass a little extra attention. With a brush, rake, or even a broom, you can make those fibers stand tall again, impressing everyone with the lush and real look of your turf. Proper grooming will have your turf looking its best!

Now that you’ve lavished your artificial grass with care for the New Year, your connection is revitalized, ensuring a strong and vibrant partnership for years to come. If you adore your turf, share the love on social media and tag us in your photos! If your need quality turf for new years eve by a call today for more information at +971 56 8787 981.

Cheers to a fantastic year ahead with your beautifully maintained artificial grass.




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