Artificial Turf

What is Artificial Turf?

Artificial Turf is a synthetic substitute for natural grass that requires less care and remains green in all weather conditions. It is generally composed of nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene and is designed to replicate natural grass’s texture, color, and look. The best Astroturf allows you to experience most of the benefits of a beautiful lawn without the burden of upkeep.

Generally, artificial turf is used for commercial purposes where heavy traffic usually remains all the time like in playgrounds, parks, and municipal areas.


Artificial Turf for Heavy Traffic Area


Where you can Use Artificial Turf

How many ways do you want to use your Artificial Turf? Thousands of specialized options are available for optimal performance in various spaces, from putting greens to playgrounds and even doggy daycares.Now check out your choice to encounter the perfect decoration!

  • Pet-friendly turf: Astroturf is safe for precious pets and comfortable for their paws. So, it can be used for. pet cages
  • Landscape turf: Various turfs are manufactured to ensure a good look and feel. Some artificial turfs even contain brown thatch for a more natural look.
  • Gym turf: Gym turfs are made with a short heap ideal for sled hauls. It is durable and can withstand the challenges of commercial gyms.
  • Sports and field turf: Nowadays, Astroturf is used on all sports pitches. For its long-lasting sustainability and easy maintenance, it has become more popular. 
  •  Playground turf: Artificial Turf can handle higher traffic. To make our artificial grass playground safe, you will want to add a foam pad underneath the turf.
  • House beautification: One of the moat use of Astroturf is its great use in a house’s compounds. Anyone can place it in any place according to his choice.
 Artificial turf

Why is Artificial Turf the Best Choice for Heavy Traffic Areas?

Nothing beats fresh air and the vast outdoors for instilling a sense of adventure. This is true for children, adults, and even our four-legged family members. Having a clean, comfortable environment to perform outdoor activities is part of what makes them so pleasurable. Astroturf for playgrounds, dog parks, and leisure spaces provides several benefits to everyone who uses them. It is worth investigating if you’re searching for a fresh approach to covering recreational areas with a long-lasting product.

It is highly resilient, even when subjected to long lengths of sprinting, plant-and-pivot moves, sliding, etc. It does not wear thin or develop holes like natural grass, lowering the danger of harm from slips, trips, and falls. In addition, it doesn’t grow, so you don’t have to mow it, guaranteeing that you always have a consistent playing field when you’re ready.

Astroturf drains fast and efficiently, allowing play to continue even when the weather is terrible. It also requires minor maintenance to keep it in beautiful, play-ready shape. It’s also a healthier play surface than natural grass. In addition, artificial turf does not require potentially dangerous lawn care chemicals, creates allergens such as pollen, and is manufactured entirely of non-toxic materials.