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We confidently provide you with the best products and accessories with installation service through appealing and well-executed Indoor – Outdoor, Residential-Commercial turf, lawn, wall, and roof decoration.

We  have several years of practical experience in selling, installing, and maintaining artificial grass in the sector. Therefore, have a visit to our shop and get a coffee with us.

Greengrass store artificial turf Dubai

What Is Artificial Grass

Artificial grass, often referred to as synthetic turf or Fake grass, is an Artificially-made surface material developed for use in outdoor recreational and sporting venues.

This type of grass, which is particularly popular in arid regions such as Dubai, is often made from polyethylene or polypropylene fibers that are woven together to create a mat-like structure.

It can be used for both commercial and residential purposes; its many advantages include requiring minimal irrigation and maintenance and being able to withstand high temperatures.


Artificial Grass Future

The future of artificial grass is looking bright as more and more people are turning to this innovative landscaping solution as a way to reduce maintenance and water usage while still enjoying a lush, green lawn.

One of the main drivers of the future of artificial grass is its ability to conserve water. With the world facing increasing water scarcity, artificial grass is an ideal solution for those looking to reduce their water usage.

In addition, artificial grass is also low maintenance, which means that it requires less time and resources to keep it looking great.

Another important trend shaping the future of artificial grass is its growing popularity in sports. Artificial turf is now being used in a wide range of sports, from football and soccer to baseball and golf.

New technology is also playing a big role in the future of artificial grass. Advancements in materials, such as the use of recycled plastic, are making artificial grass more eco-friendly and sustainable. Additionally, new manufacturing techniques are making it possible to create artificial grass that looks and feels more natural.

Greengrass store artificial grass Dubai
artificial turf Dubai

How To Install Artificial Grass

If you’re looking for a quality artificial grass installation, look no further than GreenGrassStore.

We provide a wide range of artificial grass products that are perfect for any home or business. We also offer a variety of installation services to make sure that your artificial grass is installed correctly and looks its best.

If you’re looking for a quality artificial grass installation, contact us today.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you choose the perfect artificial grass for your needs.

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If you are curious to learn about artificial grass, you undoubtedly have some queries. What if your yard’s and house’s appearances transform in the twinkling of an eye? Artificial Grass is the only way to do it.

Green Grass Store will assist you, where you can learn everything you need to know and shop with confidence.

From the site, you’ll get all your answers to common questions related to Artificial Grass, and you will also know different types of its use, how to install it, and how much it costs. Let’s get started.

Why Choose Green Grass®

What makes Artificial Grass Supplier Dubai so special?

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It will be honorable for us to answer your question. We are unique because we always guarantee high-quality artificial grass, sustainability, and maximum pleasure. We have listed just some of the numerous reasons. That will help you understand why you should purchase your artificial grasses from the Green Grass Store instead of any other supplier. Here’s our list:

  • We are dedicated to our policy of providing high-quality artificial grass and dependability
  • We always choose our distributors based on their great skills and passion for work
  • 100% naturally made artificial grass is something that we guarantee
  • We truly care about nature, so our products are completely safe for the environment
  • Best Artificial Grass Supplier Dubai is constantly improving with the most recent innovations and technologies.
  • Our products have a 9-year product warranty, artificial grass warranty
  • Our team has more than a decade of experience

A Supplier Of Top-Rated Artificial Grass In Dubai.

We have been providing service in Dubai’s synthetic grass market for many years. Our headquarter is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. We are Dubai’s number one grass shop.

We ranked ourselves based on our extensive experience gained throughout several years in the synthetic grass showcase, both in Dubai and throughout the UAE. We provide the best artificial grass in Dubai, offering professional installation at a reasonable price.

Many artificial grass suppliers are available since Dubai has become a global hub for all types of suppliers worldwide. As one of these suppliers, we offer the highest quality Fake turf at various price points.

As a result, if you decide to buy synthetic Grass, you must consider where to buy the best cheap fake Grass.

Green Grass Store is one of the UAE’s leading suppliers and installers of Grass.

Our primary goal is to constantly strive for excellence by making our fake Grass as perfect as possible. Our astroturf is popular in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

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Does Artificial Grass Cost High?

It states that artificial grass costs “$2 to $8 per square foot” in 2023, “depending on the brand, type, and quality.”

Typically, higher face weighted or thick artificial grass will cost you more. Smaller synthetic grass rugs often cost more per square foot than larger grass rolls.

Installation Cost of Artificial Grass According to the international market, If you want to hire someone to install your artificial grass, it will cost from $5 to $20 per square foot.

The installation cost will be higher for a larger area. We don’t add the variable cost of installation instruments and any extra labor required to prepare the installation area.

Most Burning Topics, Installation & Maintenance

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Immediate Installation And Maintenance Service

Our services will be effective for you as Artificial Grass is nothing without installation. The more installation becomes successful, the more beautiful it will be looked.

A gorgeous installation depends on the team members who install the turf. And it is an opportunity for you as we provide installation service with selling artificial grass.

When your turf is successfully installed, it will be needed to maintain it properly as proper maintenance can help to last long your turf.

 And we are best artificial grass supplier in abu dhabi who provides our customers good maintenance service for great enjoyment of their Artificial Grass. To know How to install and maintain artificial grass properly, see this video.

Our Installation Service

Artificial Grass Maintenance


An Overview of Your Turf Maintenance

Installation is essential for artificial grass. Because a proper installation can make your lawn gorgeous and give long-lasting benefits. Installation of artificial grass is easy enough that many people choose to make it a profession. In four simple steps, you by yourself can completely change the decoration of your lawn with Artificial Grass which can save your money on installation, and of course, you can be then proud as you did it yourself.

But you will not get the proper outfit from your lawn if you don’t maintain it properly. So you have to know how to clean artificial grass properly. Do you know how you do it? If you don’t, then don’t worry. Our Services are for you, and We are here to help you!

To keep your Artificial Grass Lawn clean, you have to rain off regularly to remove dirt and dust. For pet waste, pick up the mess, then hose down the area and let the water drain waste. You should rake the grass from time to time as it removes the leaves and other debris, and it also keeps the blades upright and natural-looking by blooming the grass. See the process from our artificial grass maintenance service.

Why Artificial Grass Is Preferable To Natural Grass?

Artificial grass is the most natural-looking option for your lawn. Purchasing artificial grass is not a decision that you should take lightly. Suppose you are returning from a household that has historically maintained a field with natural grass.

In that case, we have high-quality artificial grass that can change the way you use your garden in various ways, and this change may require a significant investment.

You will get the best design, texture, and feel of an entire field without the difficulty of paying attention to it.

Because of its strength is particularly suitable for use in children’s play areas, around swimming pools, and in heavily trafficked gardens. There are various reasons

Why artificial grass is preferable to natural grass.

Artificial grass conserves water, whereas natural grass requires regular watering, typically in the early morning and late evening, which this grass does not. All you’d have to do with the water is clean it up now and then.

Ensure to hose the blades with an honest, short burst of the binary compound now and then to encourage dirt removal. As a result, our best artificial grass may be a good choice for conservation and lowering your bills.

It is less complicated to maintain than natural grass. Mowing a field is one of the most unappealing chores you could attempt. You can store your mower in the garage, sell it, or give it away when you have artificial grass.

You won’t need it anymore because it doesn’t require any trimming. Artificial grass does not take root. Spend this extra time truly enjoying your field, playing with your children or pets, or having a pleasant picnic. Synthetic grass is frequently eco-friendly.

Know others what to say about comparing artificial grass and natural grass.


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