Top 10 Causes of Using Artificial Grass

artificial grass with golf
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People worldwide love their new artificial grass lawns after learning about their many advantages. As a result, the owners of artificial turf are happier than those who maintain their lawns with traditional grass. Customers of artificial grass are more satisfied with their purchases for these ten reasons.

The low cost of maintenance is one of the primary benefits.

Saving money is a favorite pastime of many people. Smart folks don’t simply look at the purchase price when making large purchases; they also factor in the total cost of ownership over time. Artificial grass is a fantastic investment because of its high rate of return. Compared to maintaining a natural grass lawn, maintaining an artificial grass lawn is less expensive. As a result, homeowners save money on everything from gardening to lawnmowers. Artificial grass owners may rest easy knowing that their lawns will always be immaculate, and they won’t have to spend a fortune maintaining them.

A Better Space For Family Time

Owners save a lot of time and money by using artificial grass. Mowing, watering, and fertilizing are all things that have been done away with. They’ve wasted time trying to coordinate the availability of gardeners and landscapers. Despite water constraints and pest problems, they no longer have to compete with their neighbors for the best grass on the block. Because they don’t waste time mowing the lawns, they always seem wonderfully green and freshly trimmed.

Balcony artificial grass

 Everyone is safe and well.

Artificial grass owners have the peace of mind that their children will not be exposed to chemicals, harsh surfaces, or stinging insects while playing in their yards. Our synthetic grass and accessories are safe for children to play on. It is a common misconception that artificial grass is harder than natural grass. Young bones are less likely to be broken or bruised if hit firmly on the ground. Turf Cloud and Turf Cloud Flow provide additional safety for children by reducing the risk of tripping and falling. Happier children and happier parents are a result of this change.

To maintain one’s public image, one must do the following:

The beauty and realism of artificial turf dramatically enhance the appearance of homes’ exteriors. If you’re selling your house, an artificial lawn will attract purchasers, improving the value and speed of the sale (how about a 100-200 percent return on investment?) Artificial grass owners can also be proud of their landscaping and hold outdoor lawn parties with confidence. Many visitors remark on how lush and beautiful it is. The time has come to switch to a Green Grass Store Turf lawn and plan those backyard barbecues you’ve always imagined. Go green to feel better about yourself.

Green in more ways than one describes artificial grass. Most people are unaware of the environmental devastation that their natural lawns can inflict. Grass watering is one of the world’s most wasteful uses of water. Grass requires fertilizers and pesticides to maintain its appearance, which is terrible for the environment, especially when most of it is flushed down the drain! Green Grass Store uses recycled tires in its artificial grass production process, which reduces the amount of waste going to landfills. Customers of fake grass feel better knowing they’re doing their part to save the planet. Reduce, reuse, and recycle with a Green Grass Store lawn for happy earth and a happier you.

The worry over pets is also lessened.

Grass, weeds, and insects can trigger allergies in dogs and cats. Thanks to synthetic turf, furry family members no longer have to suffer from itching paws and eyes. It is safe for all animals to use our artificial grass pet systems. Using artificial grass to create a “cooler” space for pets to walk on is common among homeowners, as asphalt and concrete can burn their feet. In addition, it has excellent drainage, allowing liquids to flow freely through. Artificial grass from Green Grass Store is pet-friendly. The more contented their pets are, the more contented their owners are.


Artificial grass in the yard allows for more physical activity, making artificial grass owners happier. The Green Grass Store lawns are ideal, from soccer to golf to bocce ball. Designed for games like soccer, our turf provides year-round resilience in all conditions. Owners aren’t concerned that it will turn to mud if it rains or that running or sliding will damage it. Since artificial lawns are cushioned by cloud-like underlays like our Turf Cloud Flow and Turf Cloud underlays, they don’t have to worry about hurting themselves. Artificial grass is a worry-free option because of its many uses, high level of consistency, and low risk of injury.

Residents in condominiums will benefit from greener pastures.

Garden life can feel like a distant memory for many apartment residents, but not if they have fake grass! Cities like Dubai & Sharjah, which have a high population density, increase the need for artificial grass. Some people grow grass to provide a habitat for their dogs, even on their roofs. They may have the best of both worlds with Green Grass Store since it allows them to construct the perfect lawn wherever they want it.


As there is no mud or sand to tread into the house, artificial grass helps keep the house’s exterior outside of the house. The mess can be kept to a minimum by allowing the owners’ children to play both inside and outside all day. Having less yard waste to rake and fewer dirty floors to mop makes even their significant others happier.


There is no need to worry about repairing, replacing, or watering Green Grass Turf lawns because our turf has been shown to last more than a decade. Our artificial grass comes with a 10-year warranty. Since it requires so little maintenance, artificial grass outlasts real grass in terms of value.


People who have artificial lawns are happier! The entire family benefits from cost savings, low-maintenance, comfort, and safety. We’ve brought joy to hundreds of homeowners, and we’re confident we can do the same for you. Please get in touch with the green grass store.




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