Commercial Artificial Grass

Gets a Homely View with Commercial Artificial Grass.

Nowadays, commercial firms use artificial grass for various commercial applications. How you use it depends on your imagination! If you need artificial grass for an outdoor event or indoor exhibition, commercial artificial grass is a solution for any business development. Whether it’s a school, a restaurant, or a public area, you can use astroturf. With eye-catching background features, play, or an educational site, we have somewhat to suit you all. So, artificial commercial grass earns popularity in a short time. If we talk about it, we see the cost-effective sides of astroturf. Where natural grass requires extra care and maintenance, artificial grass doesn’t need so. On the other hand, you can enjoy a long-lasting service from your turf. As a result, day by day, its popularity is increasing. 

Benefits of Commercial Artificial Grass.

In recent years, merchants have accepted artificial grass as an alternative to natural grass. Synthetic grass stays green all year long and helps in multiple environmental protection. These some benefits are here;

  1. Water Conservation: Recently, we have seen that many countries suffer from extreme drought and the insufficiency of water. Can you imagine how important Artificial Grass can be in conserving water? From the Southern Nevada Water Authority research, one square foot of Artificial Grass can save almost 55 gallons of water in one year.
  2. Pesticides: Commonly, natural grass is a backdoor for insects, bugs, and pests. So, you have to use pesticides to keep your compound free from those. However, the pesticide has harmful side effects that hide in your lawn and eventually seep into your local water table. According to the Cancer Research Center-UK, pesticides can cause leukemia, brain tumors, and breast and prostate cancer.
  3. Carbon Emissions: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, gas-powered gardening equipment like lawnmowers represents five percent of air pollution in the U.S. An artificial grass lawn requires no gas-powered gardening equipment. A synthetic grass lawn benefits the end-user and has multiple environmental advantages. Artificial grass can solve many ongoing ecological problems by eliminating water and chemical waste and reducing carbon emissions.

Different Commercial Use of Artificial Grass

Some Growing Commercial Use of Artificial Grass


Municipalities Use of Artificial Grass

Even though the UAE has a significant water shortage, there use thousands of gallons of water every day for natural grass. We could save a lot of water if we used fake grass instead of natural grass. to know how municipal authorities can use fake grass, see our page on municipal artificial grass.

Use in Retail Shop

Artificial Grass can be an excellent option for the decoration of your shop. You can use it both outside or inside your shop: no mess, no weed, just beautiful green grass for your customers.


Logo by Artificial Grass

Business Logo is another excellent option to use artificial grass for commercial purposes. Green Grass Store can ensure you such an excellent service.

Hotel Artificial Grass

In reality, it was created for use as a sports surface first. Because of the numerous benefits, the business firm adopted artificial grass for use as a lawn carpet. Know more about our hotel artificial grass.


Sports Grounds Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass obtains popularity from the begging. The artificial grass used in the sports ground is well known as Syntethic Turf. Long-lasting nature, evergreen, most durable, easy maintenance, no need to water etc make artificial turf more popular to be used in sports grounds insted of nstural grass.