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artificial grass deliveries

Eejoy a Safe Home Delivery Service!

 Whenever you order and wherever you live, your products will reach their destination safely. We make it easy for our customers with our expert distribution team. We feel responsible for our customers. So, we try our best to be a helping hand as much as our capability. Whether you live or how much your product costs, we are always ready to help you the most. For that reason, we make the best delivery service department for our customers. Have you got it all? I think now you know everything you need to know about artificial grass. You currently have a clear idea, so you can shop with confidence and find the perfect artificial grass for you.

Now visit us for your turf to make a heavenly view of your compound with the touch of artificial grass.

Need to Know Before Delivery!

The weight of artificial grass is significant to know as your delivery cost depends on the face weight of your synthetic turf. Generally, the turf with the most face weight will cost you more. And the more face weight of your turf, the more cost for its delivery. Do you know what face weight is? Most people have never heard though it is one of the most important matters as it determines the sustainability of your turf. The higher the face weight, the more sustainable your grass, and the higher cost. 

Besides delivery cost also depends on the distance of the place from which place to where you deliver your products. The more distance it is the more will be the cost.

artificial grass deliveries


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