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It’s no surprise that artificial grass has gained in popularity at such a rapid rate due to its numerous advantages.
Its popularity at events and exhibitions has increased dramatically in recent years.
Businesses and event planners prefer fake grass for various reasons when planning events and exhibitions.
There was formerly a stigma associated with fake grass, and many people held a negative impression of it. Artificial turf used to be of lower quality and didn’t look as lifelike as it does now.
The majority of people’s initial views of fake grass were formed when they saw it on the shelves of a greengrocer. A variety of (usually) fruit would be displayed, frequently in pyramid shapes, with plastic tufts poking out between and around the display.

Some of Our Decorated Events with Artificial Grass

Event Decoration with Artificial Grass


Artificial Wall


Exhibition of Fine Arts


Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Events And Exhibition

  • Artificial grass is always turning headed: The main goal of attending events and exhibits is to attract people to your booth to generate leads and sales. Because attending trade shows and exhibits may be costly for businesses, it’s critical to draw as many visitors to your booth as possible.

  • Create a Talking Point: Making the experience as memorable as possible is one of the cornerstones of any event or exhibition’s success. Event planners have numerous methods to make their gatherings memorable; occasionally, the more minor details are remembered, and fake grass is undoubtedly one of them. People adore artificial grass, and it will indeed become a talking point among your guests as they marvel at how genuine it appears and feels underfoot. 
  • It is welcoming to the guests: Artificial grass is very friendly, making it ideal for festivals and exhibitions. Color has a powerful subconscious impact on your visitors.
    Green, for example, is associated with growth, nature, money, fertility, and security. It’s a soothing color with a lovely appearance. It’s frequently used to indicate any aspect of health.
    And many events and shows have these as their primary goals.
  • Artificial Grass is easy and quick to install:  Another big benefit of using artificial grass for your events and exhibitions is how quickly and easily it can be set up.
    This is critical since many event organizers race against the clock to get their exhibit area ready on time. Artificial grass may be erected in a short amount of time in some cases, especially if you want to cover polished concrete, which is common in exhibition centers; it might be as simple as rolling out your synthetic turf and securing the perimeter.
  • Cost-effective: The final reason to use artificial grass for your event or exhibition is that it is a cost-effective option. It is available in 4m and 2m rolls. This makes it simple to install because all you have to do is roll the artificial grass into place. It also makes it simple to wrap it up and store it for future gatherings. This means that, in most cases, investing in good-quality fake grass for your event or exhibition will be a great investment because the one-time expense of purchasing the grass will be spread out numerous times. After all, it can be easily reused.
    Artificial grass is therefore incredibly cost-effective.