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How To lay Artificial Grass on Slabs

Laying Artificial Grass on Slabs

Laying Artificial Grass on Slabs

Transforming your outdoor space into a green paradise has never been easier, thanks to the wonders of artificial grass. Slabs, or concrete pavers, serve as an ideal base for artificial grass due to their durability and even surface. 

Here is a comprehensive solution for you on laying artificial grass on slabs.

Steps for Installation on Slabs in Dubai

1. Clean the Slab Surface

  Begin by ensuring the slabs are clean. Remove any debris, weeds, or moss. A power washer can be useful in achieving a thoroughly clean surface.

2. Apply Weed barrier

Although slabs inhibit weed growth, it’s still good practice to lay down a weed barrier. This prevents any potential weeds from poking through your fake turf.

3. Opt for a Shock-absorbent

Underlay While not mandatory, using an underlay can provide additional cushioning, especially if children play on the area.

4. Roll Out the Artificial Grass

Lay out the grass over the slabs. Ensure it sits well, and there are no ripples or bubbles.

5. Cut and Trim

Using a sharp utility knife, trim the grass to fit the area perfectly. Ensure that edges align well with the slab boundaries.

6. Adhere the Grass

Use an outdoor adhesive to stick the fake turf onto the slabs. Apply the adhesive liberally, ensuring good contact, especially at the edges.

7. Add Finishing Touches

Brush the artificial lawn to give it a natural look. You can also sprinkle silica sand to weigh it down and keep the artificial grass lawn blades upright.  The fusion of artificial grass with decking offers a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Whether you’re revamping your space or setting up a new one, this guide arms you with all the knowledge to create that perfect outdoor oasis.
You can watch this video guide to install.
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Hopefully, reading this article will help you to get the proper idea of how to put artificial grass on the sand. Want to see our installation work?
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Laying down artificial grass is a simple process that offers wonderful results. With minimal maintenance, you can enjoy a beautiful lawn that lasts for years. Ready to make the switch?



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