What Do You Put Under Artificial Grass? Choose the Right.

What Do You Put Under Artificial Grass

Envision your synthetic turf as a lively retreat, ideal for gatherings, recreation, and everlasting lush surroundings. However, beneath the surface of this lush expanse lies a concealed realm, a quiet harmony of strata collaborating to maintain the optimal appearance of your simulated lawn. Join us today as we delve into the intriguing subterranean world of your artificial grass.

1. The Foundation: A Rocky Symphony:

First, we encounter the sub-base, the bedrock of your artificial haven. Crushed stone, like a gravelly chorus, provides crucial drainage, ensuring water doesn’t pool and damage the turf. Decomposed granite, a finer-grained understudy, can also play this role, offering similar stability and drainage benefits.

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rocky sub base
rocky sub base


Decomposed Granite base
Decomposed Granite Base


  • Function: Provides a stable and well-draining foundation.
  • Options:
    • Crushed Stone/Gravel: Most common, typically 1-2 inches of 3/4 inch or smaller gravel.
    • Decomposed Granite (DG): Similar to crushed stone, offers good drainage and compaction.

2. Nature’s Understudy: The Silent Guardians:

Next, we might encounter the geotextile fabric, a silent guardian that acts as a weed barrier. This unseen hero prevents unwanted vegetation from sprouting through the synthetic grass, maintaining its pristine appearance. In areas with poor drainage, a drainage mat or channel might join the ensemble, quietly directing water away from the turf, preventing waterlogging.

putting for drainage

  • Function: Improves drainage in areas with poor natural drainage.
  • Options:
    • Geotextile Fabric: Prevents weeds from growing through the artificial grass.
    • Drainage Mat/Channel: Specialized system to direct water away from the turf.

3. Comfort and Performance: The Optional Players:

Now, the stage is set for optional players who enhance the experience. Sand infill, a granular ensemble, fills the gaps between the artificial grass blades. This not only adds weight, keeping the blades upright, but also provides a more natural feel underfoot, mimicking the texture of real grass. For high-traffic areas like playgrounds, a padded underlayment might join the performance, offering additional cushioning and comfort, like a silent symphony of support.

  • Function: Enhance aesthetics, comfort, and performance.
  • Options:
    • Sand Infill: Adds weight, helps blades stand upright, and provides a natural feel.
    • Padded Underlayment: Adds cushioning and improves comfort in high-traffic areas.

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4. Unique Encores: When the Ordinary Takes a Bow:

For existing concrete surfaces, a special adhesive takes center stage, directly securing the artificial grass without the need for additional layers. In certain situations, even existing patio slabs can become part of the play. If level and stable, they can be the foundation for your artificial lawn, with infill filling any gaps for a seamless performance.

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Summary of Layers in Artificial Grass Installation

LayerFunctionOptionalCommon Materials
Sub-BaseStable and well-draining foundationNoCrushed stone/gravel, decomposed granite (DG)
Drainage LayerImproves drainage in poorly drained areasYesGeotextile fabric, drainage mat/channel
Sand InfillAdds weight, supports blades, and provides natural feelYesSilica sand
Padded UnderlaymentImproves comfort and shock absorption in high-traffic areasYesRubber pads, recycled foam

Remember: Every artificial lawn is unique, and the specific layers and materials used will vary depending on your individual needs and the existing environment. Consulting a professional is key to creating a harmonious performance, ensuring your fake lawn remains a vibrant and enjoyable space for years to come.

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